Personal Training.

Personal Training. (Photo: YMCA of Northern Colorado).

Personal Training.

Personal Training. (Photo: YMCA of Northern Colorado)

The new year can be a fresh start for your fitness. However, many people, whether they are coming off extended holiday couch-potatoing or are practicing athletes, tend to bite off more than they can chew when it comes to health and wellness resolutions.

Instead of looking outward for the latest diet or fitness trend, look inward. What are your personal needs, goals and aspirations at this time? Where you are is always the best place to start. A personal trainer can help you do just that. 

To learn more about how personal training can help you kickstart the new year, we caught up with the dedicated teams at the YMCA of Northern Colorado, which offers fitness classes, small-group training and personal training at locations in Longmont, Boulder, Lafayette, Johnstown, Cheyenne and, coming in 2024, Loveland. 

Each Y has a variety of personal trainers and private Pilates reformer instructors to help members build confidence, see positive change and get results. And if you’re not sure what you need, YMCA Fitness Directors can help members connect with the right personal trainer for their needs, wants and goals.

Benefits of a personal trainer
Not everyone needs a trainer, but most people can benefit from working with a professional. A personal trainer can give you support to achieve your goals safely and effectively. An expert teaching you correct equipment use and exercises can help you prevent injury and ensure that each workout is tailored to the goals you have set. Working with a trainer also helps with accountability and avoiding a routine rut. 

Perhaps most importantly, “you and your trainer will develop a positive relationship that makes your workout more fun and enjoyable,” says Jennifer Klaas, health and wellness senior program director for the YMCA of Northern Colorado. “There’s a bond that forms as you get to know each other. You get to celebrate the goals achieved and work through challenges together. It’s a relationship you build that just happens to be in a fitness environment.” 

Klaas explains that it’s important to allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone. “If you don’t challenge yourself, try new things or reimagine your own perceived limitations, then change will not come as quickly as you want,” she says. “A trainer can challenge you in really beautiful and beneficial ways. But you have to open yourself up. They can help you feel confident once you allow them to change things up.” 

Finding the right match
To find the right personal trainer, ask yourself a few key questions: Why am I looking for a trainer? What do I want from the experience? What are my goals –simple strength-building or running a marathon? Do I need to prioritize weight loss per my doctor’s advice? “Knowing your ‘why’ will help you find a trainer who can best support your goals and your needs,” says Klaas. 

Also, think about how you want to be motivated. Do you want someone to focus on making you work, sweat and stay focused on a high-intensity workout? Do you need some tough love? Or hand-holding and gentle encouragement? Knowing this will help you narrow down the right trainer for you. “Start by understanding what you need to be successful,” says Klaas.

Once you find a match, set a mini-goal for each training session. “This helps you stay focused on the workout and outcome you are working toward,” Klaas says. “Personal training can sometimes turn into a chat or venting session, and you need to make sure you are continuing to work toward your larger goals. Setting session goals helps with that.” 

By Julie Kailus, Longmont Magazine
Photos Courtesy: YMCA Of Northern Colorado