The Red Door Arts and More in Hygiene, Colorado offers a collection of more than 90 local artists with a large variety of mediums consisting of the following and more: glass, fabric, alpaca fiber, paintings in oil / acrylic / pastels, 5 photographers, spa products, herbal pain relief and gourd art. There are so many amazing pieces in the store, with the age range of the showcased artists spanning 8 to 90 years. The store gets a large variety of mediums and techniques that can leave a visiter wandering through the store for hours. We compiled a list of some of our favorite artists and pieces that any local buyer would be more than happy to own! 

Visit The Red Door Arts and More, 7510 Hygiene Road, Hygiene, Colorado 80503, (720) 491-1495,

Featured Local Artists

Janet Hood
Rope Bowls
These are rope wrapped with fabric and sewn together to form a bowl, each one has a fabric picture on the bottom of the bowl

Deb Stanger
Longmont artist Deb Stanger paints bright colored and fun themes, with her main theme being bears.

Phillip Roosen
Glass Blower Phillip Roosen of Longmont, creates beautiful vases, these have to have each color strand shaped and attached by hand before melting them in. Phillip also makes pumpkins, drinking glasses, beer pints, ornaments and paper weights.

Kathy Hall
Longmont Artist Kathy Hall makes Dolls and bird sculptures. She creates the Faces out of clay, spending over 8 hours hyper focusing on the face before it is done. She builds the bodies, paints and sews the fabric and hair. Every inch of her art is hand made.

Ken Seelinger
Wood Balloon
Ken Seelinger, a Lyons artist, makes puzzles, pop up bowls and Birdhouses. His artwork is fun and challenges your brain with its intricate woodworking.

 Marsha Anderson
Livermore artist Marsha Anderson weaves reed baskets. She creates her own designs and dyes the reeds in her work. The weaves are tightened without nails or pins.