Budget Home Supply is your local source for home improvement and decking supplies.

Budget Home Supply is your local source for home improvement and decking supplies. (Photo: Jonathan Castner).


Solar power upgrades on a home.

Solar power upgrades on a home. (Photo: Shutterstock).

New Year’s resolutions don’t always have to be about joining a gym or implementing the latest fad diet.

January is also a perfect time to finally take action when it comes to those home improvement projects that are far too easy to ignore. Unlike resolutions that can fade with the arrival of February, making concrete steps to improve your home can yield benefits far past 2024. Whether it’s spiffing up your kitchen and bathroom, tackling those DIY projects around the house or installing a new, eco-friendly way to draw energy for your home from the sun, this new year is an ideal time to make long-lasting changes to your living space.

We reached out to local vendors to find some great ways to implement home improvement projects that will pay dividends far into the future.

Take charge of home projects
Sometimes it’s easier to sweat the small stuff when it comes to home improvement. Making your home a more livable, modern space can start with baby steps, whether it’s scraping those popcorn ceilings, painting that guest room, building a deck or adding a simple roof to the outdoor patio. Budget Home Supply has all of the resources any would-be home improver could want. The family-owned business has been a Longmont staple for decades and it’s earned a reputation for its commitment to quality. As the business confirms in its mission statement, “Budget Home Supply provides the best quality building materials with unparalleled customer service. We pride ourselves on the knowledge our employees have within their specific building areas.”

Make Your Kitchen or Bath New
A surefire way to increase the value of any property is to renovate kitchen and bathroom spaces. It’s an investment that can yield big returns, but that doesn’t mean the process is simple. Miracle Method of Longmont offers a great option for homeowners looking to spiff up the tile in their kitchen or bathroom, but who don’t want to reinvent the wheel. According to owner Brian Weber, the eco-friendly refinishing approach is an affordable way to transform the home. “When we resurface a bathtub or we repair a cracked shower pin, we’re up to 70 percent cheaper than replacement,” he said. “With Miracle Method, materials aren’t going to a landfill. We’re a green alternative and we save people money. The life expectancy of our product is upwards of 20 years.”

Save Money on Your Energy Bill
Brett Hughett offers a compelling argument for making home solar power a resolution for 2024. The owner of Carbon Valley Solar can point to factors ranging from rising utility rates, net metering, grid capping and tax benefits. On a more immediate level, he can point to the customer-focused, consistent commitment of the Longmont-based business. “I challenge you to show me another resolution that costs no money up front, saves you tens of thousands of dollars long-term, will increase the equity in your home by 4 percent or more and delivers five to six years of net free power in the short-term,” Hughett said. “We partner with a solar CPA firm to deliver a customized tax prospectus to each of our clients such that they maximize all of the available tax benefits. For most of our clients, those tax benefits cover 55-60% of the system cost.” Whether your motivation is economic, ecological or both, converting to solar power for your home is a perfect resolution for the new year.  

By Adam Goldstein,
Longmont Magazine