You’ve tried weight loss programs, intermittent fasting and the celery juice fad. But before you know it, the bulges and love handles reappear. Maybe it’s time to try something new. Rachel Koenigsberg, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Bio-Feedback specialist, with a background in nutrition, has been helping people overcome eating disorders for 25 years.

“Hypnotherapy offers a direct way to bring about change that someone couldn’t do just with education, willpower, threats or motivation,” Koenigsberg says. 

The behaviors of an eating disorder often begin as a coping strategy or an attempt to meet a need, but with time it turns from conscious choices into unconscious patterns. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful way to explore the unconscious fears underlying those behaviors in a safe way. 

“Our habits, memory, emotions and imagination live in the subconscious. Patterns and behaviors also lie in the subconscious mind. It’s at your service and does what you tell it to. If you have self-loathing, fat shaming or if you need to comfort yourself with food, without knowing it you start a pattern, and you end up training your subconscious mind to keep those patterns going,” she says. 

How do you feel during hypnosis?

Konigsberg takes people into deep relaxation and it’s the client’s job to follow her voice to get into their subconscious mind. “I cover clients with a weighted blanket while they listen to relaxing music. I talk to them the entire time and direct their subconscious  mind to open like a flower. Then, depending on their challenges and goals, I tailor the session to what’s going on, whether it’s portion control, eating for comfort, sugar addiction, or over eating. The mind becomes hyper-suggestible.”

She adds, “For example, I may take the client on a timeline in their future where they see themselves at their ideal weight and have them imagine stepping on a scale and imprinting that weight in their subconscious. They come out relaxed and peaceful and feel good! It’s subtle, and they begin to integrate the suggestions into their life.”

And as one client said, “With Rachel’s help I’ve been slowly and steadily losing weight.

I find portions easy to manage and I’m aware when I’m reaching for “Comfort” foods so I can make a better choice. I wish I had found her sooner.” 

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By Barbra Cohn | Longmont Magazine