Seasonal Growing Guide for Longmont / Boulder, Colorado

As the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, Coloradoan’s can start their gardens with a quick guide we’ve created with the help of data from the USDA, the Urban Farmer and the Farmer’s Almanac. All of these sources are wonderful places to find more specific information on plants, but this guide is a great way for beginners to jump into planning out their garden.

Colorado’s climate is contains five zones of plant hardiness. Your home’s zone can affect plant growth, seed dates and harvest times in your garden. Our data will focus on zone 6a, which encompasses Northern Denver, Boulder and Longmont. 

A lot of the plants on this list can start indoors or outdoors, but find more success when rooted indoors first. Planning seed times can also be divided into two categories, moon times and frost times.
Our list will focus on frost because it can severely affect gardens in Colorado, but the Farmer’s Almanac has an extensive chart for each area in Colorado for planting by the moon. Make sure to look up frost times in your area before you get to gardening and have fun gardening this year! 

For more information on gardening in Longmont and Boulder County, check out Colorado State University Extension,  

By Ben Haney, Longmont Magazine