EarthRoamer is based in Northern Colorado and creates luxury, off-the-grid vehicles and campers.

EarthRoamer is based in Northern Colorado and creates luxury, off-the-grid vehicles and campers. (Photo courtesy: EarthRoamer).

We’re coming out of a long, cold winter, and while it barely seems possible now, soon it will be so warm we’ll all be heading for the hills to cool off and chase some rest and relaxation.

Several local companies are available to help get you on your way and keep you going in style.


EarthRoamer is based in Northern Colorado and creates some of the dreamiest outdoor creations you can fathom – luxury, off-the-grid vehicles and campers.

These truly elite creations allow owners to hit the road – and off-road – in comfort, style and confidence.

“Since 1998, EarthRoamer has built over 400 luxury expedition vehicles, giving owners the power to go anywhere, anytime,” said Dustin Cornell, marketing manager at EarthRoamer. “Our late founder, Bill Swails, set out to build something that would comfortably and capably take him to the most remote places on Earth without the need to be plugged into power or limited to paved destinations.”

Each EarthRoamer vehicle is a solar/diesel hybrid with lithium-ion batteries, comes with 43-inch Goodyear tires, and is comfortable driving at highway speeds with impressive off-road capabilities.

While EarthRoamers are big and luxurious, they also weigh in  between 16,000 and 21,000 pounds thanks to carbon fiber bodies and a structural foam core. They can be taken out in all four seasons and are versatile enough to get you out of most any jam you can get yourself into.

Each one is built to order by local craftsmen in Dacono.

“With options such as a central vacuum system, a wine fridge, a washer/dryer, full entertainment systems, luxury espresso machines and much more, we bring the comfort of your home anywhere you wish to take it,” Cornell said. “Our owners have accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles on some of the world’s harshest roads and trails and have spent tens of thousands of nights camping in every weather condition on Earth. 

“Whether you’re roaming the farthest reaches of Alaska or camping surfside on the beaches of Baja, exploring the continental U.S. or traversing the globe, EarthRoamer will take you places other vehicles would never dare.”

Universal Fleet RV and Auto Collision

If you already have your “head-for-the-hills” rig, a trip to Universal Fleet RV and Auto Collision may be just the ticket before summer, and it could save you a ton of hassle down the road. 

Rather than just firing up the RV after letting it set all winter, Universal, a family-owned Colorado staple since 2005, is ready to de-winterize your rig and help you get back on – and stay on – the road this summer.

Or maybe your RV and trailer are a little scuffed up from rugged use or just regular wear-and-tear from the past few years? Universal specializes in bodywork, collision repair and paint.

“We’re here to help take your RV and make it drivable,” said Universal Manager Ashley Aronoff. “We’ll take it in, get it serviced, get that check-engine light shut off … do all the basic things you’d want to do before a road trip.”

Universal truly is a family business, as Ashley manages the shop owned by her father, Stuart Aranoff. Even her brother, Harrison Aranoff, has been known to come in and help from time to time.

Universal can help with bodywork and mechanical maintenance on all your outdoor toys, including RVs, motorhomes, campers, trailers, fifth wheels, ATVs, boats, jet skis and more. They’ll also help with cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and even fleet equipment.

Take 5 Oil Change is a quick lube service featuring a unique ‘fast and friendly’ drive-thru concept.

Take 5 Oil Change is a quick lube service featuring a unique ‘fast and friendly’
drive-thru concept. (Photos courtesy: Take 5 Oil Change).

Take 5 Oil Change

Imagine it’s Friday afternoon, and all you want to do is get out of town for the weekend. Then you remember – it’s time for an oil change. You start sweating, knowing it needs to be done but also thinking of everyone else getting off work and heading out at the same time. All the good spots are going to be taken!

Enter Take 5, a company focused on getting you on the road in a hurry.

Take 5 Oil Change is a quick lube service featuring a unique ‘fast and friendly’ drive-thru concept that allows customers to never leave the comfort of their car,” said Kelly Mayer, owner of the North Longmont franchise located at 2255 Main Street. “We focus our services almost exclusively on oil changes, which includes topping off all accessible engine fluids and filling tires to the appropriate levels. The only other services we offer customers are to replace their cabin and engine air filters and windshield wipers or to perform a coolant exchange.  

There’s no appointment necessary, and the folks at Take 5 try to keep it light while they’re at it.

“When arriving on our lot, we greet customers with a bottle of water, and if they have their kiddos in the car with them, they will get a juice box and apple sauce pouch,” said Pamela Jendrass, Mayer’s wife. “Our team will be upbeat, helpful and with a neat appearance.”

Mayer is also a Navy veteran, and Mayer and Jendrass currently offer discounts for veterans, teachers and first responders. 

Whether you’re chasing the last remnants of snow or looking to beat the heat, make sure you’re prepared for your getaway this summer.  

By Ross Maak, Longmont Magazine