Getting involved at Training for Warriors can help build your strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance.

Getting involved at Training for Warriors can help build your strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance. (Photo: Training for Warriors).

yms get extra busy in January, diet plans are started and goals are set to improve appearance or quit a bad habit.

But what can you do to get your New Year’s resolutions to stick after February, when statistically 80% of you will quit. The reasons for lack of follow-through include anything from unrealistic goal-setting and not tracking progress to simply forgetting plans.

These Longmont businesses can help resolutions become habits in 2024, such as achieving fitness goals, establishing beauty regimens, engaging in better skincare and improving mental health.

Achieve your fitness goals
Training for Warriors in Longmont presents five to six daily group classes to help students build their strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance and be warriors of life. 

“We are what the world calls functional fitness or basic training for life,” said Kristy Claeys, owner of Training for Warriors in Longmont. “In addition to physical fitness, we talk about all the other things you need to be healthy — sleep, nutrition, healthy relationships and, deeper than that, forgiveness and gratitude.”

Functional fitness aims to help students age well, engage in life activities and improve in their athletic abilities. Students take one-hour classes with an extensive warmup, followed by training with dumbbells, barbells, free weights and kettlebells — there’s also personal training and open gym times. They engage in “all-around fitness,” moving their bodies in multiple directions as opposed to using traditional gym equipment that inhibits mobility.

“If you’re moving in one plane of motion all the time, you’re not moving naturally (where) your body is constantly re-stabilizing itself,” Claeys said.

To help students sustain their fitness goals, Warriors For Life encourages accountability to show up and work hard. At the beginning of the year, the question isn’t about a resolution or goal but “How do you want to get better?” 

“We are focusing on personal attachment where they feel they’re falling short and want to get better,” Claeys said. “It keeps that more personalized, the sense of how you want to change your life.”

Crossroads Dermatology.

Crossroads Dermatology. (Photo: Crossroads Dermatology).

 A new, more refreshed and confident look
Crossroads Dermatology in Longmont provides a full array of dermatology and cosmetology services to help patients be healthy and their best selves.

“When I’m looking cosmetically at a patient, we are trying to make them how they looked 10 years ago,” said Dr. Sarah Bair, dermatologist and owner of Crossroads Dermatology. “We work with the natural architecture of the face and do not go to extremes when volumizing.”

Dr. Bair provides Botox and other neurotoxin treatments, as well as fillers, which are volumizing agents injected under the skin to improve volume loss and reduce lines and wrinkling. She does laser treatments to rejuvenate skin and remove lesions and spots, non-ablative resurfacing to reduce scarring and improve skin tone and texture, and microneedling to stimulate collagen production.

Dr. Bair’s other services include skin cancer screenings and treatments and treatment of acne and rashes, like psoriasis and eczema. She encourages her patients to get an annual skin check, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen and be proactive with their skin care routine. She recommends for their face, they invest in a good product line with a cleanser, vitamin C serum, moisturizer and sunscreen and add retinol or Retin-A at night, which helps increase skin turnover, improve texture and tone and reduce pore size.

“I try to keep the steps pretty simple,” Dr. Bair said. “To stay motivated, think about the benefits it is having for you. Washing your face at night reduces incidents of breakouts. That morning sunscreen routine, if you don’t do that, you can get brown spots, lines and wrinkles.”

Brighten up your year and beat the winter drying blues
Microspa specializes in traditional spa services from massages to facials and body treatments. 

The services are personalized to each client and include therapeutic and stone massages, reflexology and micro-treatments, or shorter, targeted sessions like mini-reflexology, foot peels and line and eye focus treatments that can stand alone or be an add on. The treatments are customized by the service, or a deluxe spa service package can be ordered, such as facial packages that include classical European, LED, enzyme therapy, microneedling, peel and illuminating.

“With the massage part, it helps to keep your body in the best condition possible to prevent injury. … On the flipside, it can help you recover from injury,” said Vanessa Slattery, practitioner and owner of Microspa. “It helps get rid of toxins and helps keep up the metabolism. It can also help relax the nervous system. That also falls into reflexology … a wonderful reset for the nervous system.”

Facials help prevent aging and reduce wrinkles by removing dead skin cells and increasing the turnover of cells, which as a person ages reproduce at a slower rate. 

“It takes skincare to the next level,” Slattery said. “When you don’t exfoliate, products can’t get in and things lay on top of the skin.”

Slattery recommends considering body and skin treatments as part of a health care routine and not as a luxury. She encourages her clients to book appointments ahead of time, so that they have them on the schedule and are more consistent with their health care routines.

“With your muscles and skin, when you provide them with the tools they need to do their job at the most optimum, they’re able to work the best for you,” Slattery said.  

Good Hair Vibes Only in Longmont.

Good Hair Vibes Only in Longmont. (Photo: Good Hair Vibes Only).

New hair for a fresh new year start
Good Hair Vibes Only in Longmont focuses on trendy, high-quality services ranging from precision haircuts and beard trims to hair coloring, deep conditioning treatments, perms and styles or shampoos and sets.

“I strive to achieve excellence in improving my artistry to enrich your experience,” said Mitchell Steven Camp, owner of Good High Vibes Only, as stated on his website, “With 39 years in the industry, Good Hair Vibes Only is a reality and not just a dream. I’m full of gratitude for every person who walks through these doors.” 

Weight mastery, mental health, stop smoking
Rachel M. Koenigsberg, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and biofeedback specialist, offers one-on-one hypnotherapy to help her clients change their bad habits and stay focused on their goals. Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis in a therapeutic setting, is a guided relaxation technique that reaches the subconscious, where habits and behaviors lie, to achieve a desired behavior and offer an alternative approach to healing. It can be used to help stop smoking, lose weight, control pain, reduce stress and anxiety, combat insomnia and address trauma and PTSD.

“During hypnosis, individuals experience a heightened responsiveness to suggestion, direction and instruction. Hypnosis actually helps increase awareness of the control we have over our own mind and body,” said Koenigsberg, owner of and a hypnosis practitioner for healing at The Holistic Wellness Center in Longmont. “It facilitates a consciousness of how we may have ended up where we are and helps begin redirecting the process to benefit your health and your life.”

Koenigsberg has her clients pay attention to their thoughts and the messages they give themselves since their behaviors result from their thoughts and the choices they make. Hypnosis opens the mind to think healthier, more productive thoughts, which lead to living a more desirable life, she said.

“I absolutely do get more interest in the New Year, especially for weight loss and to stop smoking,” Koenigsberg said. “The tricky part isn’t coming up with the resolution; it’s in achieving it. I help people formulate their intentions and, using the power of their mind, realize their goals.”

By Shelley Widhalm, Longmont Magazine