Music and Meals takes place every Thursday evening this summer at Blue Mountain Vineyards.

Music and Meals takes place every Thursday evening this summer at Blue Mountain Vineyards.


Blue Mountain Vineyards produces a variety of wines to choose from and offers tasting hours on various days.

Blue Mountain Vineyards produces a variety of wines to choose from and offers tasting hours on various days.

Mark your calendars every Thursday evening this summer for Music and Meals at Blue Mountain Vineyards. The ongoing event enters its second year and features live music and different food trucks each week. 

Laura Billington, production manager for Blue Mountain Vineyards, says the event is just another way owners Bill and Christie Prewitt are growing their venue, something they’ve been doing since the very beginning.

“They moved out here to the property about 25 years ago. When they bought the property, it was only a dirt field with some cows. There was no landscaping or anything like that. Anything customers see is credited to Bill and Christie,” she says. “There is 35 acres total. About five acres hold the vineyards of the grapes we grow on site. All of the trees, landscaping and vines Bill and Christie did themselves over the years.” 

The couple extended the tasting room about five years ago, including indoor seating and an outdoor patio. 

“If the weather is nice then people can enjoy their wine outside,” Billington says. 

The venue has a capacity for 60 people inside and outside about 30 people, providing a great space for music and meals. 

“We did it last summer, but it was our trial period of seeing what worked and getting relationships established with musicians and food trucks. This is the first year we’ve ramped it up. The word is getting out more and more,” she says. 

Billington says they find their musicians by word of mouth. Musicians usually play for about two hours. “We build our Rolodex with musicians more and more each year. Musicians set up under a covered patio if the weather is nice. The doors to the tasting room are opened so those inside can enjoy the music too. 

“With food trucks we like to keep it local, hosting food trucks from Longmont, Ft. Collins, the Northern Colorado area. We coordinate who can come each week. We’ve established good relationships with all of them,” she says. 

When it comes to wine, Billington says the most popular white wine is the Gewurztraminer. According to the website, it’s a slightly sweet wine with wonderful tropical fruit flavor, and a nice tangy finish, excellent with spicy meats, turkey and cheese. 

“The top favorite year over year for reds is Marley’s Blend, named after the owner’s dog.”

Blue Mountain Vineyards sits on a picturesque 35 acres.

Blue Mountain Vineyards sits on a picturesque 35 acres including 5 acres of vineyards, where they grow their grapes on site.

Marley’s Blend is a red wine made from all of the grapes that are grown at Blue Mountain Vineyards.

“Marley’s leaves a hint of tart cherry and almond on the palate with the same cherry with spice on the nose. Pair with hard or blue cheeses and steak. Enjoy with chocolate to get a cherry jubilee note. Named in honor of our late furry friend; Marley.” 

Billington says the vineyard also produces a variety of wines, including Port-style dessert wine.

Beyond the Music and Meals event, Blue Mountain Vineyards offers open tasting hours on various days, private event rentals and other events open to the community like Buti + Wine. Blue Mountain Vineyard’s Facebook page describes Buti as combining “primal flow, cardio dance, and deep core toning into a powerful form of movement and release. Buti encourages you to sweat with intention, to let go of what no longer serves you, and invite in more self-love and openness. The beat-driven movements force you out of your head and into your body, allowing you to not THINK about how you move, but how you FEEL when moving. Buti celebrates all ages, all fitness levels, all body types, all people.”

Blue Mountain offers the opportunity to come to the class taught by a professional Yogi and receive a complimentary glass of a Blue Mountain Vineyards wine of your choice with your purchase of a ticket.

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By Darian Armer, Longmont Magazine.
Photos courtesy: Blue Mountain Vineyards