The Inn Between of Longmont

Margie and a kiddo. (Photo: The Inn Between of

Margie and a kiddo.
(Photo: The Inn Between of Longmont).

Providing housing, support and stability

Residents at the Inn Between of Longmont each have their own unique stories that challenge pervasive myths about homelessness. 

Take for instance the trajectory of one mother who moved into one of the organization’s transitional housing units with her two kids. Her family had been camping because their time at a safe house was up. After a couple of steady years at The Inn Between, she expressed excitement to be moving into her own house where her kids could have birthday parties and sleepovers. The Inn Between has also been a safety net for a number of others, including a teenager who was working and going to school while living in her car in order to escape turmoil at home and a father who got ill and lost his car and home while he was temporarily out of work.

The Inn Between of Longmont got its start three decades ago when a collective of nearly two dozen community agencies were looking for ways to address homelessness in the St. Vrain Valley. The organization’s founders realized there was a need for an agency that could provide affordable housing plus complementary supportive services to help residents get back on their feet.

The Inn Between’s mission remains salient today, as the cost of living continues to rise in Colorado and inflation has driven up the cost of groceries. Roughly six in 10 renters in Boulder County are “cost-burdened,” which means they’re spending more than 30% of their income on rent and utilities, according to a report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

“There’s a severe inventory shortage when it comes to affordable housing – that’s a problem that we all have to own as a community,” says Tim Rakow, Executive Director of The Inn Between of Longmont.

The Inn Between of Longmont provides time-limited affordable housing through its transitional housing program. (Photo: The Inn Between of Longmont).

The Inn Between of Longmont provides time-limited affordable housing through its transitional housing program. (Photo: The Inn Between of Longmont).

How the Inn Between of Longmont Helps Break the Cycle of Homelessness
The organization currently owns six buildings, with 87 apartment units that range from single rooms to three-bedroom units. In 2023, the non-profit housed 246 people, about 100 of whom were under the age of 18. 

The Inn Between of Longmont provides time-limited affordable housing through its transitional housing program. Households can live in affordable housing for up to three years, and, during that time, they pay rent that’s equivalent to roughly 30 percent of their gross income. Many of these residents who graduate from the program give back to their communities. 

There’s also a Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Program that provides long-term affordable housing for those who are low-income with disabilities or who are elderly. Many of these residents are on fixed incomes and face mental or physical health disabilities that can make traditional housing a challenge. PSH residents also put 30% of their gross income towards rent.

In addition to providing housing, compassionate advocates work with residents to design a “Success Plan” which helps them come up with personal goals as well as plans on how to achieve them. 

The organization also offers dozens of life skill trainings that are led by experts, Rakow says, and that focus on topics like financial education and healthy relationships. The Inn Between of Longmont also has a resident council, which can provide input on what programs are needed. 

Other services include scholarship funds, emergency funds, a deposit saving matching program, career services, education and tutoring support and more.

Next up, The Inn Between is building 11 permanently affordable two and three-bedroom apartments for families. Heart of Longmont donated 3/4 acres for the project.

How to Help Support the Inn Between of Longmont
Want to help break the cycle of homelessness? There are a number of ways to support the Inn Between of Longmont. 

Make a donation online at
Become an annual sponsor. For corporate sponsorship information, contact Laura Liotino, Development Director at or by calling (303) 684-0810.
Donate goods. Check to see about high-need items.
Volunteer. Volunteers are needed to help with maintenance and turning units over in addition to other projects, like event assistance.  

By Brittany Anas, Longmont Magazine