For the Health of it

Colorado continually ranks among the 10 healthiest states in the  country according to the United Health Foundation. Though our aggregate rating is eighth, we still have the lowest rates for obesity and diabetes in the United States.
That’s a good start, but there’s room for improvement. From physical to emotional
well being, self-care is an important part of enjoying life and no one understands that better than Longmont folks.
Issues that plague the rest of the nation, like opioid abuse and athletic concussion, have also made an appearance in Colorado so what are we doing about it? The Danish concept of Hygge is adding a little emotional health to our fall and winter and a new hospital in town will be looking after our physical-selves.
With weather getting cooler and days getting shorter, life gets busy and hectic, but take advantage of
all of the healthy options here in Longmont and remember to take the time to take care of your whole self.
– Misty Kaiser

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