Treadmill Training: Get the most out of your workout

Let’s face it spring weather in Colorado can be unpredictable.

For those of us who like to hit the streets to get

our workouts in, it can be hard and we may find ourselves

inside on the treadmill more often. But, don’t despair,

getting a good workout in is possible and doesn’t

have to be boring.

“”You don’t have to be on the treadmill for an hour,”

says Angie Schumacher, owner of Fit Chick Express in

Longmont. “Break it up. It’s about quality, not quantity.”

Emily Wester, personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Loveland,

agrees that working out on the treadmill is all

about mixing it up, keeping it exciting and making the

most out of a workout by maximizing “muscle confusion.”

“Just remember to listen to your body, rather than focusing

on speed,” Wester says. “You want to tailor it to

what is comfortable to you, don’t make it too easy but be

able to complete it and feel done.”

Try these six treadmill workouts, no more than twice a

week, from Wester and Schumacher to get the most out

of your treadmill workouts.


1. Change it Up with Intervals


Intervals on a treadmill are the perfect way to maximize

your cardio fitness. If you are looking to get rid of

belly fat this is the workout for you.

Wester explains the more dramatic the intervals are,

the more demanding it is on the body. Intervals can also

be done at a walking or running pace depending on

fitness level.

To get started always do a 5 minute warm up. Then

run intensely (6 mph for a beginner) for 1 minute, then

walk (3 mph) for 1 minute. Do the intervals for 20 minutes.

Finish with a 5 minute cool down.

Wester says the speed will vary depending on the individual,

but a good guideline that you are challenging

yourself is that after 1 minute of running you are ready

for 1 minute of rest.


2. Add an Incline


This is not a speed workout, but is about working on

your form, teaching your body about stability and working

different muscles. Depending on your fitness level,

increase to an incline of 5 to 15 percent. To get the most

out of your incline workout, make sure not to hold on

while walking or jogging.


3. Put Some Weight into It


Make your time on the treadmill a little harder by

adding some weight. According to Wester this exercise

transcends well to real life experiences, such as holding


One way to do this is to walk with 5 to 12 pound

hand-held weights. If you feel uncomfortable and unsteady

walking while holding weights, Schumacher recommends

either wearing some type of vest or backpack

so that the extra weight remains close to your body.

Another option is to keep the weights on the floor by

the treadmill and jump back and

forth between running and lifting.

Wester recommends running for 1

minute, and then pausing the treadmill

for 1 minute while you lift

weights. Alternate like this for 20

minutes, with a warm up and cool

down you will be at a 30 minute


4. Hop to It

That’s right add hopping into your

treadmill routine. Wester says hopping

on both feet, while landing softly

on the balls of your feet, is going to

work the stabilizers in your core,

hips, legs, knees and ankles. So how

to do it? Hop for 15 seconds, then

walk for 2 minutes. Repeat for 20


5. Walk it to the Back or to the Side

Walking on the treadmill backwards

or sideways is going to give

you strength in all ranges of motion.

Again make this an interval. One

minute backward, 1 minute forward,

1 minute sideways, 1 minute forward

and repeat for 20 minutes.

6. Full Body Workout

This is for those who really want to

mix it up. Schumacher says this routine

can be varied and it also allows

you to continuously challenge yourself.

Begin with a 5-minute warm up,

run for 2 minutes, then do pushups

for 1 minute, run for 2 minutes, do

abs for 1 minute, repeat for 20 minutes.

Finish with a 5-minute cool