They’re baaack! Holidays may have us running around like mad soon, but may I suggest setting aside a moment to enjoy the fun of them? Longmont has holiday entertainment around every corner, for every taste. Music comes in at number one with every genre you can imagine and if you’re not satisfied with watching, what about learning? There are some wonderful places that would love to help you out in that department. Next year, you might even be able to lead the holiday sing-along yourself.

Holiday fun is great, but it’s even better when you’re doing it for a cause. There are a few give and get fundraisers going on this month and next that will ‘give’ you a good time and ‘get’ funds for area nonprofits. And if you want a wider choice, Colorado Gives Day is where you may want to put your money. Throughout this edition you will see this CO GIVES heart marking one of many local organizations that is open to support through Colorado-

There are, of course, many others on the list and we encourage you to visit and find a cause in the community that speaks to you, and have happy and grateful holidays Longmont! See you in 2017!

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