Dog Training

Helping to build the partnership between guardian and dog

Having a therapy dog is the dream of many a Colorado dog owner. However, not every pooch is cut out for the work. Some are a little more aggressive, whether that be toward humans, cats or other dogs.

In this case, finding help from a professional can be beneficial. 

Dog Days Training Center in Berthoud, open since 1999, has a long history of handling more aggressive dogs. For some, according to Dog Days General Manager Adam Shapiro, a first-time stay of 3-4 weeks may be in order. For others, several private lessons may be just what a dog and its owner needs.

“Most people that go with private lessons do at least bi-weekly, lasting a few months,” Shapiro said. “We give them so much information and so much to work on, then it’s a matter of … can we teach the people well enough to transfer the information into their lives?” 

Dog Days focuses on building the partnership between its guardian and the dog. 

“That way, when you need the training it stands up in the moment,” Shapiro said. “We focus on everything from dogs on a leash to those who live out in the wilderness and want to be able to call their dog in from roaming acres of land, and everything in between.”

Shapiro said they never just teach dogs simple tricks, but instead commands. But in the end, for dogs, those end up being very similar.

“We’re hyper-focused on the behavior and language of the dog and teaching the owners who that dog actually is,” Shapiro said.  

By Ross Maak,
Longmont magazine