The New Year heralds an opportunity for pet owners to make meaningful resolutions to enhance their pets’ lives. Here’s a guide to New Year’s resolutions for Longmont’s pet-loving community.

 Adopting a Pet
The New Year is a prime time to consider pet adoption. Longmont Humane Society offers a variety of pets needing homes. It’s important to be ready for the commitment that comes with adopting a pet.

Exercise and Outdoor Activities
Longmont’s scenic dog parks and open spaces, like Union Reservoir, Rough and Ready Dog Park, Blue Skies Dog Park and Stephen Day Park, are ideal for committing to regular pet walks and exercise. These activities are essential for your pet’s health and help in strengthening your bond.

Training and Behavior
Investing in training is crucial for a peaceful relationship with your pet. Enrolling in classes, such as those offered by Longmont’s Four Paws & Co. can help with behavioral management and socialization.

Pet Insurance
Considering pet insurance is wise, given the potential high costs of veterinary care. Local veterinarians can guide you in choosing a suitable plan, ensuring financial ease during emergencies.

Healthier Diet
A nutritious diet is vital for pets. This year, assess and improve your pet’s diet with quality food options available at local stores like Dee-O-Gee.

Spending Quality Time
Make time for your pets. This includes activities like playing, grooming, or simply relaxing together, with Longmont’s parks offering great environments for outdoor bonding.

Regular Veterinary Check-ups
Ensure regular health check-ups for your pet. Routine visits to local veterinarians such as Pella Corner Animal Hospital in Hygiene and Left Hand Animal Hospital in Niwot for vaccinations and screenings are important for early health issue detection.

 Support Animal Shelters
If adopting a pet isn’t feasible, consider helping local shelters like Longmont Humane Society through volunteering or donations.

For pet owners in Longmont, these resolutions promise a year filled with health, happiness and stronger bonds with their pets. Embracing these commitments can lead to a harmonious year for both pets and their human companions. 

By Staff,
Longmont Magazine