Miracle Method of Longmont

Miracle Method serves Boulder County and Northern Colorado and is family owned and operated by the Weber family. (Photo: Jonathan Castner).

Helping to keep homes safe and healthy

Water is the ultimate enemy of a healthy, long-lasting home. But, alas, we live in the modern era of indoor plumbing, so we have to find safe ways to manage our indoor water. This means carefully managing and caring for our bathroom and kitchen spaces. 

Brian Weber owns Longmont’s Miracle Method, a tried-and-true strategy for durable, beautiful refinishing since 1979, with his wife Lynne. Together, the couple has been keeping local bathrooms and kitchens beautiful since 2002. But it’s not all about vanity. It’s also about the health and safety of your home. 

“People that use fiberglass shower pans or tubs with cracks in them, pretty soon they’re replacing floors,” says Weber.

Fiberglass shower pans and tubs can develop both stress and structural cracks. This cracking is bound to happen eventually, but it’s especially likely if the tub or shower hasn’t been installed or supported properly. And once the crack appears, it means moisture is getting through the fiberglass and into the parts of your home that are not meant to be wet, creating mold. Not only is this a major health concern for you and your family, but the appearance of mold also means a major, expensive project will be required.

“People can’t use a shower that’s cracked,” says Weber. “It creates mold and it will ruin other things. Even tile walls – when they start to feel soft, we can’t resurface them. They have to pull out the wall and deal with the mold that’s probably behind it.” 

A better plan? Don’t let it get to that stage. Luckily, the moment you notice a crack in your fiberglass tub or shower, there is a solution that’s quick, easy and affordable. These aren’t normally words that one associates with home repair projects, but Miracle Method is true to its name. Many projects take just 3 to 5 hours, getting you back into your bathroom within a day! This type of rapid service is crucial when it comes to fiberglass damage in the bathroom, as these spaces are completely unusable until the crack is repaired. 

“Don’t wait months for a contractor to get around to your project,” says Weber’s niece Sarah, who is involved in the family business. “Miracle Method can get your project done quickly while saving you money. We’re fast, we’re efficient and your downtime is minimal.”

You don’t have to overhaul your entire bathroom just because the tub or shower pan is cracked. Don’t ignore these damaged parts of your bathroom because a full renovation isn’t in the budget right now. Miracle Method offers an affordable solution that often leaves your tub or shower stronger than the original. The Miracle Method team also ensures that the fiberglass material is properly supported, so new cracks won’t develop anytime soon. Plus, it’s not just cracks that Miracle Method can fix. The team can also address chips, rust spots, missing tiles or holes in your fiberglass. 

Once the repair is complete, you can choose to refinish the surface as well. Browse the wide selection of finishes and colors at Miracle Method’s showroom, located at 1822 Sunset Place, Suite A, in Longmont. “Our Natural Accent line has the look of a stone finish and we have many color options in that line,” says Weber. 

The company stands behind its projects, too. With appropriate care and maintenance, Miracle Method refinishing can last up to 15 years or more. The product creates a chemical bond between old and new surfaces to ensure long-lasting quality. The company is so confident about the product’s durability that Miracle Method offers a five-year warranty for bath tubs, wall tile and fiberglass units. Call Miracle Method today to learn how quick and easy it can be to have your bathroom good as new, and avoid a bigger problem down the road: 720.574.1095.  

By Emma Castleberry, Longmont Magazine