Sledding Hills in Longmont

As the seasons change and snow starts to fall, Longmont’s residents may find themselves craving snowsports hallmarked by plastic sleds and hot cocoa. We’ve compiled a list of sledding hills with a range of accessibility from short walks to the park to road trips across the Rockies.

In Town

  • Dry Creek Community Park
    Starting in Longmont proper, Dry Creek Community Park’s 23 acres of beauty offer perfect slopes for any prospecting sledders.
    A new sledding hill can be found near the corner of Clover Basin Drive and Grandview Meadows Drive.
  • Garden Acres Community Park
    Garden Acres Community Park is another amazing spot to sled after a good snowfall. Founded in 1989, the park has seen a lot of wear and tear in its days. Luckily, a recent series of stunning renovations led Colorado Lottery officials to present the Longmont City Council with the Starburst Award, recognizing the City’s exceptional use of lottery dollars in the park’s renewal project. Beginner sledding can be found by the cricket pitch on 21st across from Hackberry Circle. 

Short Drive

  • Hoedown Hill
    Hoedown Hill is a unique ski, snowboard, and tubing resort that just opened up in Windsor. With slopes within an hour’s drive from Longmont and better prices than most options in the area, the hill is the perfect spot to take friends and family for some snowsport fun. Hoedown Hill also has the longest tubing hill in North America, two terrain parks and a wonderful Cocktail Bar with cheap food and drinks! 
  • Ruby Hill Park
    From free rail jams to steep sledding slopes, Ruby Hill Park in Denver offers a fun experience for those looking to travel a bit into the city for a magical day in the snow. The north facing hills are usually the best, as they last the longest and tend not to get as patchy as other hills in the park. Remember to look out for events like the Burton Mystery Tour, which will make a pit stop in Ruby Hill in early February. 

Long Drive

  • Fraser Tubing Hill
    For those looking for a stunning day trip to a charming Colorado town with the bonus of amazing slopes, the family-owned and operated Fraser Tubing is perfect! Close to many of Colorado’s gems like the Sulfur Hot Springs, Fraser Tubing offers a
    unique and beautiful experience in the Rockies. Food and drinks are also available to purchase at their snack shack.
  • Hidden Valley Sledding and Tubing Hill
    Finishing off our list, Hidden Valley is the only place where sledding is still allowed within Rocky Mountain National Park. Located right off Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, the area was originally designed as a downhill ski area. Hidden Valley was then redeveloped into a sledding area complete with a warming hut by the National Park Service. Picnic tables, indoor restroom facilities, snowshoeing up the old ski trails and sledding are all available at Hidden Valley. 

By Ben Haney, Longmont Magazine