By Misty Kaiser

According to the design blogosphere, minimalism is on its way out. In its place you’ll see bold choices everywhere. Colors are rich and saturated. Look for pattern in everything from floors to furniture. Think eclectic comfort rather than stripped Bohemian. That modern sense of eclecticism leads to more personalized spaces with many still seeking out vintage pieces or refurbishing the things they already have. 

Many homeowners are looking for a refresh from the ground up and flooring options are rising to meet the challenge. New, more durable options in wood and carpet compete with trendy tile for homeowners attention.

In this section, we’ll dive a little deeper into what trends are on the rise. If you’re feeling like your home could use some help, here it is: go with what makes you happy and your house will be happy too.

Trends In Hardwood…

Hardwood is still a go-to choice for flooring. It’s durable, adaptable and classic, yet still leaves room for personal styling. This year, designers point to lighter shades and patterns like herringbone or chevron as style trends that are catching on in new homes and remodels alike. 

Floors in pale sandy tones make spaces feel bright and open. They coordinate with almost any design preference making them endure as other trends come and go. That’s not to say that darker oak and walnut shades are falling by the trend’s wayside. That’s part of what makes wood floors so appealing; styles age much more slowly. 

This year you’ll see pattern in everything from walls to furniture to floors and hardwood is no exception. Floors laid in herringbone or chevron patterns echo European villas and amp up the elegance in your space.

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Trends in Furniture…

This year has curves. A callback to midcentury modern, we’ll be seeing a lot of natural materials and soft organic curves in furniture from sofas to tables lamps and rugs. Curvilinear shapes increase flow through a room, making a space feel more dynamic and lively.

Colors and materials drawn straight from nature bring a little of the outdoors in. Breathe natural energy into your home by seeking out earthy tones of blues, browns and greens in natural fibers and wood. 

If you’re looking to update your rooms, the most important consideration is to keep it personal. Find pieces you love for an eclectic, individualized look. Careful consideration extends the longevity of your choices.

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Trends in Tile…

Tile has continued to grow in popularity as a flooring choice — and not just for kitchens and bathrooms. Many homeowners are choosing to carry tile floors throughout their homes. Tile is easy to clean and maintain and it’s exceptionally durable making it an easy choice for homeowners with kids and pets.

Tile has gone from basic to haute. In 2023, expect to see geometric and graphic patterns explode into home design. For those who are a little more conservative in their choices, large format tile with very little grout line will make a modern splash in any home. Much like hardwood flooring, pale sandy shades in porcelain or even stone, will be at the top of trend lists.

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Trends in Kitchens…

A mix and match approach to kitchens is right on trend for 2023. In this kitchen, solid quartz pairs with a concrete bar. Matte black fixtures set off the stainless steel stove surround and two tone cabinets create visual interest.

Solid white cabinets are always a classic choice, but if you want a trending update, colorful cabinets like blues, greens and even rose-tones are at the top of interior design wants this year. Mixing them with off-white or darker stained woods is even better. These dark charcoal stained cabinets blend with pale grey making the cabinets feel more like individual furniture pieces. And speaking of furniture, adding furniture-inspired elements like table-style legs to lower cabinets is spot on.

Custom details, like the pot filler and double faucets seen here, are popular trends in kitchens as well. 

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Trends in Upcycling

Refreshing your home has the potential to be an expensive endeavor. Especially when you start taking new furniture into account. Luckily for the budget conscious, mixing upcycled vintage with new items is a top design request. 

Design bloggers cover every aspect of refinishing your own furniture. The possibilities are as varied as the individual pieces. Do you just want to polish it up a bit or take it in a completely new direction? How about a new decorative finish? Modern farmhouse or mid-century modern? If that all looks far too intimidating or the ideas for your own pieces just won’t come, it may be time to consult with a professional. Some interior designers, like Layered Design Concepts lend their expertise to help incorporate your existing pieces with newer ones for an overall update. You may also be able to find someone locally, like Eli’s Originals, who will do custom refinishes with a bit of direction from you.

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Trends in Carpet…

Carpet is making a comeback. With new, more stain resistant options, natural fibers and a
wide array of patterns, some homeowners are drawn to the soft warmth of carpeting for living spaces. 

Of course, we’re seeing echoes of the pattern trend common in other areas of the home. Primarily, patterns are woven into the texture of the carpet, but for those who want to get bold, carpet tiles are a wonderful way to experiment with colorful patterns and can often be mixed for an original creation. Largely though, the trend in paler neutrals for flooring continues on into carpets, with the bolder colors and graphics being laid over in rugs that are more easily changed when the mood strikes.

Natural and sustainable fibers like wool or seagrass are also hot on trend for 2023 and lend themselves to the neutral color palette.

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Trends in Color…

We’re seeing the world through rose colored glasses in 2023. If you think you’re seeing a plethora of pink, you are not mistaken. Colors of the year range from the soft rosy tones of Sherwin-Williams Redend Point to the hot pink of Pantone’s® Viva Magenta. Every shade of pink seems to be having its moment.

Pantone’s® anticipated annual Color of the Year influences everything from fashion to home goods. Design junkies can collect Color of the Year merch, like the espresso mug above, straight from Pantone®. They can also look to companies like LG and KitchenAid®, following trend with their own splashes of color. As 2023 progresses designers are expecting to see pinks incorporate in other decor items as well, just in time for spring and summer. Warming up to this particular trend doesn’t have to mean painting your room in Raspberry Blush. Any shade of pink counts this year and can be pulled into throw pillows, blankets or even rugs. Even vases of pink silk peonies or tulips bring the varying shades to life.  Place settings and stemware are excellent ways to put pink on the table and brighten up a dinner gathering.